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Dear NCLA family,

Well summer is already here and the heat too. My hope is that everyone is doing well. This year is flying by, but not without its challenges. As I have gotten older, I pay more attention to the things that used to bore me, like the evening news and world events. It was a religious event around the house that we would watch the Andy Griffith Show while my Nana was fixing supper for the family. 5:30 would come and the local news would come on and then 6 or 6:30 the world news would come on. I cared more about what was for dinner than what was happening in the world. Finally, as if it were planned by the media, at 7:00 was Wheel of Fortune followed by Jeopardy to help take our minds off reality once more.

Fast forward to today, even though the set is still the same on television, I don’t have time to watch it. Also, I get my news almost instantly on my mobile phone. It is a rarity to eat dinner at home. Life is so much busier than I ever thought possible. I thought technology was supposed to make our lives easier, not busier, but I digress. Life is very busy these days. The list of things to do continues to grow with no end in sight. And that brings me to the here and now.

For the last couple of years life has been a little more difficult to navigate with covid and all the restrictions, but it looks like those things are easing up. As we work to get back to meeting like normal, we have been fighting an uphill battle to get enough people to stay and attend the General Membership Business Meeting on Saturdays. We haven’t been able have a quorum since last November. For us to have business and make changes needed to move forward in the association we must have meetings. The By-Laws currently state that we must have 40 active members to have a meeting. That’s not very many, but we just haven’t been able to get the people there or they leave before the meeting. I get it, we all have things to do. Life is busy for everyone. I do as well, but I love the association and the people. I would like to see it continue and grow, but we must have business meetings to do so. If you would like to see things move forward, then we must all do our part. I know meetings are not the most fun part of getting together, but it is necessary for moving forward. We have lots of ideas and things to do, but we can’t discuss them and bring them to a vote if we don’t make quorum. I really look forward to seeing everyone in August. If there is anything I can do for you, please don’t hesitate to call or email me.

Now for a life lesson. How to become valuable in the marketplace. This is something I explain to all my employees, and we must make some distinctions when discussing value. There are many ideas and forms of personal value. You can be a valuable person in your community, a valuable person in your church, a valuable person in the family, a valuable person in government, and so forth. But in the marketplace, it is different. Your value is determined by what you put in and become. We don’t get paid for time, if that were the case we could all just stay home and get paid. People don’t get paid by the hour, they get paid for the value they put into that hour. To make more money you must become more. I tell my guys if you want to make more money and have more opportunities, you must develop more skills that bring more opportunities to the table. As your value grows and you make the company more money, your pay should reflect that. If you never work to learn and develop new skills, then you can’t expect to make more money. So, it requires personal development. Over the years our company has grown and become more valuable to the marketplace because of the time and effort we have put into learning and developing our craft. The association has played a huge part in this process. So, I encourage you to get involved and come to the classes and meetings. You never know what opportunity is waiting for you if you just take the initiative to learn and grow.

Best regards,

Waldo Smith
[email protected]