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Linden, NC  28356
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Dear NCLA Family,

Well another quarter has flown by and we will be meeting in just a few short weeks. I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again. I hope you will come and join us!
In this letter I want to take a moment and talk about being committed. In 2010 I married my beautiful wife, Alison. I don’t remember much about that day as it was like a blur. There was just so much packed into that one day, but I do remember making a covenant, vow, commitment to my wife that I would be there till death do us part. I would do whatever it took to fight for our marriage. Over the past 12 ½ years, we have been through some challenges that could have done us in, but we chose to stay committed to each other, to God, and our family. It hasn’t always been easy, but it has certainly been most rewarding. We thought we were in love all those years ago, but it was mostly infatuation. We have since learned that love is way more than feelings and emotions. It is a daily choice. There were days I didn’t feel in love, but I chose to love my wife regardless of how I felt and she like wise.
Now, I get it you are saying “What in the world does this have to do about anything pertaining to locksmithing, NCLA, or me.” Well, I’m glad you asked!
Over the years the NCLA has had its share of ups and downs. People have come and gone. I’ve been attending as a member since 2008. During those 15 years, it hasn’t always been easy. I have had some of the best times, made some of the best friends, and have learned and developed my craft all at the same time. There were times when things were done that I didn’t like or agree with completely. Things that people said or did that really frustrated me, but despite all of the good, the bad, and the ugly, I have remained committed to the NCLA. I will continue to remain committed all the way to the end!
So, to you, I ask, “Are you committed?”
I look forward to seeing you in May! If you haven’t been in a while, take the time to come out and visit. On Saturday, we will be having lunch after the business meeting. We have done this several times now and it has been a great time of food, fun, and fellowship. Come and be a part of everything we have going on May 5th and 6th.