Local Phony and Copy Cat Locksmith Scams

This announcement is to inform you of a serious situation that is taking place in the locksmith industry. Currently there are individuals who are placing hundreds of thousands of phone numbers with fake business addresses in the yellow pages of telephone books across the country to make customers think that they are legitimate local locksmiths. There have been thousands of people across the country who have been victims of these scams. You should protect yourself. The phony locksmith phone numbers ring back to a deceptive call center in which customers are quoted very low prices. When the service person arrives and the work is completed, the customer is given a bill which is much higher than their original quote and in some cases 10 to 15 times higher. In addition to the deceptive phone numbers, there are also copy cat locksmiths. These individuals are running ads using similar names of established locksmiths, hoping customers will think they are calling the real locksmith. You must be very careful that you are working with the original locksmith and check to see that the locksmith working for you has the appropriate credentials. You can protect yourself by working with a legal locksmith. Check for ID badge from the North Carolina Locksmith Board. All Licensed Locksmiths might not wear uniforms or have signs on their vehicle. If asked, they will be happy to present their ID badge for you.