Automotive Cloning and Programming

4 Hours

The instructor for this class will be Ryan McGee, East coast automotive sales specialist for Kaba Ilco in Rocky Mount. This course is going to be centered around the Ilco Automotive Product Suite. We will be covering programming/origination, cloning, and cutting automotive keys by highlighting our products that facilitate these functions. The attendees will get hands-on experience with the Smart Pro, getting the chance to go through programming a vehicle via a state-of-the-art vehicle emulator. We will cover the procedure of cloning a transponder key by demonstrating the RW4 Plus and M-box and what those tools are capable of. The attendees will get hands-on experience with our top of the line electronic key machine, the Futura Pro. The course is meant to be interactive and the attendees will get plenty of opportunity to participate.

Class 200/0220
Instructors: Andy Gibson, Ryan McGee and Tom Stapleton (Detex) 
Limit: 32
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