Basic Transponder Understanding and Manipulation

4 Hours

In this class students will learn the differences in the three basic types of transponders used in Automotive Locksmithing and how these transponders communicate to and with the vehicles.  The students will also learn how to transform unformatted transponders into a properly formatted transponder that can be programmed to a vehicle.  Basic to intermediate transponder cloning will be taught and demonstrated.  The concept of unlocking transponders and reusing them will be touched on, but not taught in depth.  Tools used in this class will include Miraclone, VVDI Key Tool, VVDI Mini Key Tool, VVDI2, Tango, and AVDI.  A Q&A Session will follow the class if time allows.

Class 101/0220
Instructor: J.B. Gates and Curtis Mills
Limit: 32

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